SoSu complete contour palette

Hey everyone,
Welcome back to my blog.
Today I am going to review the fabulous contour palette by Suzanne Jackson.
This palette reallysosue (1).jpg is the complete contour palette. Inside you have a step by step guide on how to use the palette. This is amazing especially for first time contour users. You also have four creams and two powders. You have a light concealor cream colour and a dark one to contour with. Shade four can be used as a foundation. You then have a cream highlighter. You have a light powder to set your under eye area and any areas you want to highlight . Then u have your dark powder which u can use to darken your contour.
The powder contours can be used on there own. I often use the dark shade to contour a lighter contour during the day. I also have used it as an eyeshadow by working it into my crease.
The cream contours are very pigmented and u really o lay need to use a small amount, which is great because it means it will last a lot longer.
The only downside I found to this palette is there very creamy and u need a lot of powder to set them or you will look shiny.
The more I use this palette the more I like it. You can find this in most pharmacys or online for €29.95.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this review.
​                                                                                                               lots of love,
Littlemissmake-up xox.


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